LIGNUM SERIES - SPC, A new era for flooring begins!


We present a new series of articles “LIGNIM – SPC”. It is a highly resistant flooring with maximum performance. The initials SPC (Solid Polymer Composite) indicate that they are made of high quality PVC mixed with limestone powder. This makes for a higher density, stability and wear resistance than a conventional vinyl flooring. In this case, a lounge environment is presented. New LIGNUM-SPC series, CORTICE HAYA model. Suitable for interior flooring. The matte pieces that are assembled. These assembling pieces generate as a whole a vision that reflects elegance and neatness in the environment created. This new LIGNUM-SPC series is ideal for any room in the home. With high resistance and maximum performance. Easy and quick installation. (Model: CORTICE HAYA. Measurements: 23 x 184.2 cm.)



This new series of mosaics INSOLENCE. It is a new range of bold, modern and innovative mosaics. Its shapes (in the tile) can be hexagonal, round, herringbone-shaped, etc... they are ideal for decoration. In this case, an interior kitchen environment with recycled glass mosaic is presented. The MODEL is called INS-13 VERT, it is characterized by being composed of meshed pieces. It is a type of article that is suitable for both interior and exterior wall paving and cladding. Matte pieces with recycled glass. Piece measures: 30 x 30.7 cm and tile measure: 5.5 x 1.5 cm.



Tercocer estará presente en el Salon Paysalia que tendrá lugar del 5 al 7 de Diciembre en Lyon, Francia. 

Stand 6E90 (Hall 6)